Day 5-Performance Tips for before a race


FFF-f Stress Update (5)
How Stressed are you?



How do I manage my nerves before a sailing race?

1.Track: Cracked Up or Shutdown?


We need to Track if we’ve Cracked-Up (we go into a Fight or Flight Mode. So our body will feel more activated)?

Or, if we Shut Down (we go into more a Freeze mode so we feel floppy, tired, not there and focus scattered)?

2.Reset: Breathing & Grounding

With either, you need to calm the body to calm the mind so Reset by…

Breathing & Grounding

When you’ve Cracked Up or Shut Down, your human brain has turned off so you believe all your Stinking Thinking -that’s all your greatest fears or negative thoughts:

Stinking Thinking

“I’ll come last, I can’t do this, everyone will hate me…”

3.Do Better: Challenge your Stinking Thinking

But once you’ve got your head back together, your human brain turns on again and you can use your Eagle Eye to soar above and challenge all your Stinking Thinking!

Eagle Eye

Once you have taken control of your fears, you can use you Head Together thinking to come up with some good tactics and go for it!

We’ll talk about how to ground your body in the next post!


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