I’ll have some of what Olga’s got!

Olga –“Out of my way -I’m coming through…”

I’ll do what Olga’s doing. Look at her! She has an attitude of determination.

Pre-Test: What would Olga do to slove my dilemma?

“Hey, Olga, mate, what do you reckon I should do about ____________”

I want perform like Olga

So let’s do a quick audit of what she’s about -we’re understanding her Performance Mode:


  1. Olga’s Body Attitude: Bugger off, I’m coming through ie determined.
  2. Olga’s Work attitude: I can do this, even if it’s not working, I’ll make it work, because I’m grown up and effective.
  3. Olga’s Stress Level: Head together, focused clear thinking and feet on the ground.
  4. Olga’s Feeling tone: Propelled by her conviction and determination. (It’s always good to have a propelling emotion).

These are the 4 ingredients of our Performance Mode.

She’d be in PRO-Mode. That’s the one where she’s bringing it, even if things aren’t working. So, what are the different Performance Modes?

How do I change my Performance Mode (which includes changing my Attitude)?

-In 3 Steps:

  1. Track NO-Mode -the one where I’m not coping or stuffing up
  2. Reset my Stress and Feeling Triggers
  3. Get into PRO-Mode (like our girl Olga) so we can Do Better -and Olga’s already told us what we would do if she was running the show (Pre-Test)

Action 1: Track what performance mode is getting you stuck, and making it hard to deal with the hard part.


Action 2: Reset the Stress and Feeling Triggers

So Lets start with Stress, by calming the body to calm the mind through breathing and grounding.

Then go to Feelings

Action 3: Get into PRO-Mode.

We upload the PRO-Mode Body Attitude (that’s Skeleton to Smile) +Work Attitude (Self Talk) because we’ve already dealt with the feeling and stress triggers and reset them in Action 2, so yo can go and Do Better.

Walk, talk and move around as your version of Olga and see how you tackle things now!

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