Setting a Path to Better

Why do I set a path to Better?

So I can grow stronger, smarter and more skilled at the hard stuff -that makes me more confident.


path series
Better: Track What’s bugging me? Reset -What does Better look like? Do Better -What’s the next step?


We’re going to do this in 3 steps:

  1. Track our body as it tells us we have a problem -this is often our early warning system.
  2. Sort ourselves out -mind and body
  3. Then we can get on and Do something to make things better
#1-Just set a Path to Better

When things aren’t working, our head can often feel quite messed up. Sometimes it helps to do a brain dump and just write everything that’s swirling around our head onto a page so we create some space up there.

What’s bugging you?

The key is to tap into the bit that’s really getting to us -tap into our body. So what’s really bugging you? How do you know something’s wrong? And if it’s someone else alerting you…which bit’s bugging YOU?

We’re trying to tap into your own visceral reaction to the situation, the bit you care about or are most distressed about. If we tap into that then you’ll really care about fixing it and are more likely to do a better job.

What’s the fear?Survival, Tribal, Revival2

  • Revival Fear: What’s the story you’re afraid of telling?
  • Tribal Fear: What’s the self-esteem and social consequence that you’re worried about?
  • Survival Fear: What’s the threat that you’re avoiding?

Sort our Mind & Body: Bringing My Best Self

Imagine bringing your most audacious self (PRO-Mode) to the task, what would they do? You know, when it’s one of those days where you’re kicking goals and on top of your game?

Let’s get excited about it! So:
Survival Fear: What will help you feel safe and secure?
Tribal Fear: What’s going to make you proud and excited?
Revival Fear: What’s the better story you will tell about this?

(If you’re not sure you can always ask yourself the Miracle Question -that’s borrowing from the future to sort you out now!)

Finally…Do something: What’s the next step?

So what’s the next step? What’s one thing that you can do right now to head in the direction of better?

Not sure?

Then lay them out from here to there and start with the smallest, easiest step. Great -forward motion!